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To get exactly what you want

What you need isn’t alway out there, or not yet. However, when it comes to data, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution. See which services we have to offer, individually or combined. We’re strong in analysis, advice, and tailor-made data.

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Standard is not always best

Enriching data

You can enrich your database with more structured data. Workable, efficient and effective. Together with our partners, we have an infinite number of data sources. An enrichment will enable you to pursue your goals like a hawk, specifically targeted.

International company data

Company information about companies from all over the world. Company data from 10 continents and more than 200 countries. You can select (or have selected) your target group from the international database that includes more than 250 million companies.

Linking data sets

Linking sets requires customization. It’s not just a matter of combining data files, but an extensive process in most cases. Different systems, exotic variables, missing data. We link what matters and turn it into workable data.

Market analysis

Are you responsible for strategic decisions? Opening a physical branch abroad or joining an international online platform? Let the data do the talking. In an analysis trajectory we support your organizational strategy with data.

Customizing customization

Giving shape and direction to ambitions. We help you accomplish this in a joint tailor-made trajectory. Together we analyze what the next steps should look like and which data would help you. We are going to retrieve that data and apply it. We tailor our options to meet your ambitions.

Data maintenance

One thing is for certain: data is of vital importance to your organization. With our flexible subscription options, you can be sure that you are working with the latest data. No outdated data. That (too) will benefit your marketing budget.

Unstructured data

We help you figure out exactly which data you need. And how to get it, by searching, scraping sites, combining and structuring. We build your data system for you, so you can aim for your target in the cleanest and most accurate way.

More customization?

RTL-Group offers many standard services. But every company has its own traits and challenges. Our experts and analysts are happy to create tailor-made solutions for you specifically. Just plan a meeting and put us to work.

Satisfied customers with tailor-made solutions

“Our market is so specific, on the other hand, our products are used in many different industries, by linking specific data to our prospects, the sales team can work much more specifically”

Atlas Copco International
Werner De Meyer

“The division I am responsible for sells in a niche. A target group selection based on a NACE code is too limited. The data specialists of RTL-Group have enriched the desired data, so our sales team performs better”

G. Adriaenssens
DHL Europe

“Our team scores too little with standard data solutions. By adding specific information to our dataset, the conversion has been improved”

J. Estalella
HP International

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