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Enrich data

1 + 1 can be 3

You have your own data, enriched with other data sources, and you get all kinds of new possibilities. Your existing and new datasets provide you with opportunities.

This is what data enrichment is all about

  • You have a database of sellers, but you need to know whether they have product X in stock. We can crawl online shops and retrieve their stock data.
  • You provide services to dealers of car brand Z, but you don’t feel like emailing brand A to Y. In that case, we can enrich your data with brand data.
  • You are looking for good leads for your office-furniture business. We enrich company data and areas with data from the Land Registry. This we you’ll know what an office destination is founded on and what isn’t a production environment or warehouse.
  • You’re looking for leads for your sun-blinds campaign. We enrich your dataset with data from multi-company buildings. This way you don’t have to approach the individual tenants or you just decide to target the managers separately..
statistische data

So many options

We have access to a large amount of data sources, also internationally. This gives you many opportunities to enrich data the smart way, which generates new leads. Simple and effective. Curious about your options? Contact us!

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