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The tool for finding leads by yourself

It’s the easiest and smartest way to generate relevant leads. You’re in the driver’s seat, wherever and whenever it suits you. That’s what you do with GetTheLead. You have 65 criteria at your disposal to scan databases from 180 countries, containing 210 million companies.

This is what the tool can do

The best thing about GetTheLead is that everything is in your own hands. You are literally at the controls. Just choose the search criteria that are relevant to you and make your selection. Just like that. You can search for free; you only pay for the data you download.

Direct access to the online tool?

Here’s why you want to use GetTheLead

For your marketing you want to have a clear aim. That’s possible with the right leads. GetTheLead makes it easy to find those. Download the data to get started right away. And because it is an online tool, you can arrange it independently of time or place. The data is always complete and current.

Want to give it a try?

Feel free to take a peek. This way you get to see what GetTheLead has to offer. And if you have an account, you can simply save all your previous selections online. Take your next step to better leads!

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What does it cost?

In our price list you can see exactly what the costs are per customer and company.