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Partners – resellers

Rock-solid international network

Thanks to our partners, we have an exceptionally extensive and solid international network. We strongly believe that a good collaboration is a lasting collaboration. A good example is our relationship with one of our partners from Germany; we have been working closely together for over a decade now.

data partners

Close ties

We evaluate all requests we get on a weekly basis and discuss the completed projects as well.

We believe that our partnerships revolve around 3 things:

1. We offer speed, quality and reliability.

2. The data are up to date and fit the needs of our client.

3. We use a transparent and fair earnings model.

Looking for a partner? Stop looking

We always welcome new collaborations. Do you have your own customer network in the Netherlands or abroad? Do you have an independent marketing and sales department? Then a gettogether wouldn’t hurt!

Contact us or plan an appointment

Here’s what you can expect from us

1. Filed a request in the morning? You’ll know in the afternoon all about the price and conditions.

2. The data you get is reliable, up-to-date and has broad coverage.

3. You’ll get the data in no time, as we have direct access to many sources.

4. We offer interesting compensations that we pay out quickly.


Feel free to contact us, no strings attached. Just plan an introductory meeting or mail managing director Rutger Vinke.


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The proud partners of RTL Group

Want to become a partner? Let’s meet!

Please contact Rutger Vinke to discuss the options. You only have to plan a meeting or give him a call.